Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Never-ending Fever

Kate doesn't get ill often, but when she does, it's usually only for a few days tops and then all is right in the world again.

So, when she woke up in the wee hours of Sunday morning last week with a fever, we thought that it would be over in a few days and we could continue on with our lives.

We were wrong.

Sunday, we all stayed home from church to keep Kate from spreading germs. She seemed to want us both, so it was good that we were all home together. She slept a lot, we dosed her with children's Tylenol and Advil, etc.

Monday, the fever was still there and again, she slept a lot. She drank lots of water and lemonade, but didn't really want to eat. Then she threw up--that's when I called the doctor. By the time we got to the doctor, she was acting pretty normal and her fever was under control. The doctor said it was just a bug and that she would get over it soon enough.

She never threw up again, thank goodness. On Tuesday, she didn't go to preschool and again, she slept and slept and slept. Only wanted to drink water and once in a while I convinced her to have a popsicle just so she could have some calories at least. I thought for sure she would be better by Wednesday, so she could go to play group and then go back to preschool on Thursday.


Wednesday and Thursday were more or less the same--fever, sleeping, and little appetite. By this point, I was panicking. What if she had something even worse? What if she had gotten rabies from that cat bite she got on Memorial Day? She wasn't even taking ice cream, which made me think, "OH MY GOSH, SHE'S DYING!" I offered many prayers for her health.

I should mention that I was sleep deprived because Kate was waking up all hours of the night asking for water. I'm also pregnant, which doesn't lend itself to having lots of energy. Double whammy. It doesn't help that I have an anxiety disorder, so I naturally tend to panic. But bear with me, I wasn't used to Kate being sick for so long. She's a very healthy child (apart from eczema and food allergies)--I mean, she's only had antibiotics ONCE in her three years of life and that was in eye drop form. Yeah, I got really lucky in the healthy kid department. We consulted with Nurse Grandma numerous times, who assured us that Kate would be just fine. I have decided that everyone needs to be related to a nurse.

By Friday, things were starting to look up. Her fever was in the low grade range, so we hardly had to give her medicine. She was still sleepy, but she at least ate a little macaroni and cheese and drank some apple juice for lunch. That night, her fever broke. HALLELUJAH! I may or may not have sung (to the tune of "The Morning Breaks"), "The fever breaks, the virus flees!" Hey, I was sleep deprived, give me a break.

So now, my sweet, sassy little girl is back and making up for lost calories by eating everything in sight. I like having my good eater back.

We all went to church today, and it was joyous. I was chatting with another mom about Kate's illness, and her Nursery leader said that her daughter (who is about the same age) had the exact same thing about a month ago--waking up all night asking for water and all! She had also freaked out when her daughter had it (because the fever just would not break), so now I don't feel silly.

Now we can venture out into the land of the living (ha ha), although now we're entering a heat wave with highs in the triple digits. I think we'll be spending quality time at the pool and in our air conditioned condo. God bless air conditioning.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


  • We found out in May that we're having another girl. First name has been chosen, but we're stumped about middle names. Kate is VERY excited to be getting a little sister. Due date is now September 30, but I'll probably go sooner than that with my track record.
  • Kate is going to summer preschool twice a week! She loves it and I enjoy the two-hour break for me...heh heh. I've also got her enrolled for the fall.
  • We're hoping to get a second car in the next few months before baby girl comes. Preferably a mini van. I have no shame. So, we're trying to save up for that.
  • I've been nesting. A lot. 
  • My OB closed his practice because of family stuff, so I followed my midwives from last pregnancy over to their new practice (which is where almost EVERYONE in my ward goes). It's a lot closer to where I live and right next to the hospital I'll be delivering at, so I think this is all for the best. 
  • I've started itching a bit again. I had bloodwork done, and so far everything is normal. I'll be getting periodic blood tests in the meantime so we can catch any changes while they're in the early stages. I am glad that once again, my concerns are being taken seriously.
  • It is so very hot here. First we had a long, wet spring and now it is Hades outside. I am not looking forward to being pregnant all through this summer. I guess Kate and I will be spending time at the pool.
  • Kate has had a low grade fever for a few days and hasn't been able to go to preschool. I took her to the doctor on Monday and everything is fine, so it's probably just one of those kid viruses. I'm not used to her having a fever for so long, so I'm hoping she gets better really soon.

I guess that's all for now.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Kate goes to the dentist

Kate had her first ever dentist visit just over two weeks ago. Truth be told, I put it off too long mostly because I was scared of her being traumatized for life from the dentist. I mean, come on, dentists are a child's worst enemy right? Except, my dentist growing up was actually very nice. He even had a daughter the same age as me who I went to elementary school with. Even still, going to the dentist isn't fun the first time...right?

Well, these fears proved to be unfounded. Kate did VERY well at the dentist.

The hygienists and the dentist were so sweet and gentle with her. I was floored at how well Kate was handling everything--she seemed curious about it all. My first memory of the dentist includes me screaming, but remember that I was speech delayed and was going through more than my fair share of medical tests at the time.

Unfortunately, Kate had a lot of cavities. In fact, one was so deep that she was going to need a baby root canal. They thought she would need two. I felt so horrible, but the dentist said it wasn't uncommon in our area because the water isn't fluoridated here. Needless to say, I really really hate the anti-fluoride crowd right now, but that's another rant for another time.

So, I made an appointment for her to get the root canal(s) done and other cavities filled...for the next day. I paid extra so she could be sedated. Our insurance doesn't cover sedation for root canals because it's considered a "non-necessity". Um, it should be for toddlers!!! Oh well, it's better than paying the therapy bills later in life for an un-sedated root canal, right?

I had to make ride arrangements because of the sedation stuff because Stephan couldn't take time off work. One friend from the ward would take us to the dentist, and another friend would take us home.

Needless to say, this mom worried about her baby being sedated the next day! I began to appreciate my own mom more, for all the times she has had a child undergo surgery. I also worried about not letting Kate eat before the procedure, but it ended up not being too bad. The next morning, after Stephan left for work, she came in for her morning snuggle and slept in my arms for a long time. It was a tender mercy for me :)

We were also potty training at the time, and I just put her in a pull up to be safe. By some miracle, this whole thing didn't completely uproot the potty training.

Waiting for our ride with her lovies

After being dropped off at the dentist's office, we were taken back. Kate wasn't interested in pre-anesthesia laughing gas, and she didn't cry TOO much when they were poking her little arm for the anesthetic. They asked if I had any questions, and I just told them, "Please take good care of my baby." Again, I was amazed at how great they were being with her. I was escorted out of the room after the IV was placed....and waited.

Oh yeah, I forgot to take my meds that morning in all the craziness. D'oh! By another miracle, I managed to get through without, but I took them as soon as I got home! While I waited, I called Stephan and then I called my mom.

The procedure lasted for just over an hour. They came and got me as soon as she woke up, and the poor kid was disoriented and angry that she wasn't allowed to walk around. My friend Misti had come to take us home, and while I had to go back to the front desk to discuss more of the payment stuff (they only had to do one root canal after all, but there were more cavities). My friend stayed with Kate while I signed stuff...and I could hear angry Kate all the way from the front :(

I thought Kate would only be allowed liquids for the rest of the day, but the assistants and dentist told me that she could eat normally! I grabbed a cookie from the front desk to give her, and oh boy did she like it.
Drugs and sugar. Oooh yeah.

Misti also drove me to Zupa's by my house so I could grab lunch for Kate and me (I hadn't eaten since breakfast). She even helped us get upstairs and settled. She was amazed at how well Kate was eating.

I had thought that Kate would take naps for the rest of the day, and oh boy was I wrong.


She even went potty. Mostly we just snuggled until Daddy came home. I think we had leftovers for dinner.

Kate seems unscathed from the experience. We even went to the dentist again a few days later so Stephan and I could have our cleanings and checkups, and she wasn't the slightest bit scared of the office. Thank goodness!

She also likes her "sparkle tooth"

On the plus side, she is eating much better now than she was before. I guess it's hard to eat when your teeth are hurting :(

She also takes tiny fluoride pills every night after brushing her teeth and affectionately calls them her "teeth medicine".

In other news, Kate is officially potty trained! *cue the hallelujah chorus*

Sunday, April 19, 2015


If you read my last post, I mentioned having a subchorionic bleed several weeks ago.

Basically, it's a small pocket of blood near the placenta--approximately 20% of women experience this during pregnancy. Most of the time it's harmless especially if it's small, but bigger ones can cause more problems.

One Friday, when I was just about 11 weeks pregnant, I went to the bathroom and discovered blood. Red blood. Naturally, I panicked. I left a message on my doctor's voicemail asking him to call back, and when he did, I told him what was happening. He told me that chances were good that everything was fine, but because of last summer's miscarriage, we would arrange for an ultrasound. He called the order into the hospital radiology department and then I made an appointment to go get an seven o'clock at night. Did I mention that it was his day off when he did all of this? Well, it was.

Stephan came home early in the meantime because I was freaking out.

Oh, and I had to drink lots of water an hour before going in so I could have a full bladder for the ultrasound. Yaaaaay.

We dropped Kate off with the grandparents, checked in at the hospital, and waited. It felt like we waited forever just for the ultrasound.

They came and got us, and we went into the ultrasound room. When the ultrasound tech started the ultrasound, she commented on my very full bladder. I asked her to be gentle.

She was quiet the entire time, and unlike the OB office, there was no TV monitor showing the ultrasound. So...I just laid there and prayed very hard. "Please let this baby be okay," I prayed. Stephan was sitting in a chair and could see a little bit of the ultrasound (he thought he saw baby move, which was reassuring to me). After the tech was finished, I asked her if the bathroom was close (remember, it had been more than an hour since I had gone!). Luckily, the bathroom was right across the hall from the ultrasound room, and I made good use of it. It's cruel to make pregnant ladies wait to use the toilet.

Then there was even more waiting. I swear we waited an hour, watching some weird cooking and reality shows in the waiting room. First the radiologist had to look at other stuff before getting to my ultrasound and then they had a hard time getting a hold of my doctor.

Diagnosis: a very small subchorionic bleed. Baby was fine (hallelujah!). Basically, I needed to take it easy. Actually, I was told that I needed to go on bed rest, but like that was going to happen with a three-year-old. I took it easy for the next week and didn't do any heavy lifting other than occasionally picking Kate up.

I am now 16 weeks along and baby is still doing well. No more bleeding--it only lasted about a day, thank goodness. We will find out if it's a boy or a girl on May 7!

We're also convinced that this one likes to freak us out for attention.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Catch Up

I'm too much of a perfectionist about doing just run of the mill family updates like other blogs, so here's just a general update on family life.

Stephan was released as the ward clerk last week after serving in that calling since August. Yeah, it was a short tenure, but honestly it was welcome news. It was great when he was out of work because he didn't feel completely useless, but after he started his new job with longer hours and commute, it was just making everything crazy. He is now the ward technology specialist which is basically perfect for him and we are enjoying having Daddy around more, especially on Sundays! Of course, we had a lot of people asking (before he got his new calling) if we were moving closer to his job because of our ward's transient nature. 

Truth be told, we were seriously looking into moving closer to his job because of our one-car situation, but everything we found was either in a great location but had ridiculously high rent or had a great rent but TERRIBLE location. One place we looked at that seemed perfect on paper...was surrounded by the freeway. Nope! Plus, with a baby on the way, we need to save our money. We're staying where we are and it's the right decision. I'm becoming more okay with our one-car situation and enjoying being at home more.

Morning sickness is starting to subside even more (hallelujah!) and nesting is starting to set in, though I have to be careful because I have a small subchorionic hematoma. Yeah, that's another post for another time. Don't worry, baby is fine--I just have to take it easy. Trying to take it easy with the nesting urge kicking in...this is a frustrating feeling indeed.

With baby #2 coming in the fall, we're making some changes around the house. We're turning the office into a play room/nursery and we've moved the office out to the living room. For Valentine's Day, we got a new TV that mounts on the wall (why I was ever against them I will never know).

Living room setup. Clutter and all.
Nursery/playroom. A work in progress.
Just keeping things real with the pictures ;)

I have been looking to Pinterest for ideas and trying not to go crazy in the process. If anyone wants to help me with this project, especially with the furniture moving part (don't think my OB would be happy if I moved heavy furniture), feel free.

In other news, we're going to start potty training Kate next week now that she's three. This ought to be a great adventure...or a really messy/frustrating one. For her sake, I will not be chronicling the nitty gritty details because seriously, that's just gross.

Thursday, March 12, 2015 #2!

For those of you who are not Facebook friends with me...surprise, I'm pregnant! 
That's the big reason why I haven't been around much recently--dealing with first trimester yucks mostly. I'm due October 2, but it will probably be earlier than that.

For those of you who are nosy, I'll answer the standard FAQs about pregnancy right here.

How are you feeling?

Now that I'm 11-ish weeks pregnant, I'm doing a lot better. Earlier on in the pregnancy is another story though. Food aversions have been THE WORST this time. From 6-8 weeks I could hardly eat anything except cold cereal, pop tarts (the thought makes me gag now), and cooking was out of the question. We got a lot of take-out and frozen meals during those weeks. I'm afraid this one is going to be a super picky eater. 

I'm able to eat more foods now and cook a little more, but I am tired all the time. Last time I could just take a nap whenever I wanted, but this time I have a three-year-old to keep up with who doesn't always take naps. She watched a lot of PBS Kids during the first few weeks of pregnancy.

How did you tell Stephan?

My period wasn't coming and I kept saying, "Maybe I'm pregnant." He saw me buy the pregnancy test and he knew when I took it. I just showed him when I got out of the bathroom. Yeah, we don't really do things fancy over here. He was a bit shocked at first, but he's excited now. 

Are you going to have cholestasis again?

More likely than not, I'm afraid. Mine was borderline severe with Kate (yeah, didn't find that out until last summer, I digress) and my family history is extensive. My mom probably had it with all four pregnancies. With those factors, I have something like a 90% chance of having it again. I hope I don't get it again either, but I have to be realistic. 

Can you prevent it from happening again?

No, it cannot be prevented. Please keep your crazy liver diets and cleanses to yourself. There is no proof that they work to begin with. Thank you.

Is Kate excited?

She is! We talk about the baby in mommy's tummy all the time. It's quite cute, actually. 

Do you think it's a boy or a girl?

I have no clue. Stephan thinks it's another girl (he's scared of boys to be honest). I'm pretty sure everyone in Stephan's family is betting on a boy too. A lot of friends are betting boy too. Up until a few days ago, Kate said I was having a girl because "daddies have boys". Oh, if only ;) We're definitely finding out at 20 weeks. 

Monday, January 19, 2015

A year in review: 2014

Being inspired by my brother-in-law's most recent blog post, I decided to make a year in review. I think this is especially fitting because admittedly, I wasn't the best about blogging in 2014. I hope you don't mind me copying you, Alex :)


  • Stephan's brother Alex came home from his mission in Pennsylvania and finally got to meet Kate for the first time, since he left just a month before she was born. She called him "daddy" for a while because he and Stephan look a lot alike.
  • I reluctantly decided to have my antidepressant dosage upped to a mid level rather than the really low dose I had been taking.


  • Stephan caught the flu for the second year in a row. Kate and I did not because we had flu shots. 
  • Kate turned two years old. At her two-year checkup, she had gone from being in the 90th percentile for height to the 95th percentile. Pediatrician astounded at her verbal abilities.


  • pictures with Stephan's family? I don't remember much from this month.

  • General Conference
  • Easter...I think.
  • I believe it was around this time that I started doing DNMS therapy with my therapist. 
  • Aiden's mom found out she had a tumor on her pituitary gland.
  • Spent many afternoons at the Thanksgiving Point Gardens
  • I wrote to MANY local newspapers and news stations to promote ICP Awareness. Finally got a response from Good4Utah and had an interview with them. I was on TV.
  • Started working on organizing the first ever ICP Care event in Utah. ICP Care events were being put on all over the country too.
  • Hosted first-ever ICP Awareness event in Utah and got to meet fellow Itchy Moms. 
  • Niece was baptized.
  • Aiden's mom had surgery to have her tumor removed.
  • I found out I was pregnant on June 30.
  • Because of some bleeding issues in addition to the pregnancy, I went to the doctor and we found out I had an ectopic pregnancy. I was early enough that I got methotrexate shots rather than surgery.
  • The night I started miscarrying, our air conditioner died. During a 100 degree heat wave. It was a horrible, horrible time.
  • Stephan was given a really tough assignment at work. 
  • Stephan's 27th birthday at the end of the month.
  • He also got a raise. Things were looking up.
  • Our five-year anniversary. We celebrated by going for a couple's massage...ahhhh.
  • I temporarily had a work-from-home job and found out that 20 hours of work a week isn't the most compatible with being a mom to a toddler. 
  • Watched a friend's two girls so she could teach an LSAT class.
  • Went up to Logan for a family gathering on Stephan's side of the family.
  • My grandfather's birthday celebration (even though his birthday was at the end of July).
  • Stephan was called to be the ward clerk. 
  • We went to Houston to visit my family.
  • Stephan got laid off. 
  • Stephan applying for jobs and having interviews. 
  • Trying to stay sane.
  • Halloween
  • Interviews continue, and two of the companies look VERY promising.
  • One company had Stephan do training with its team. He was a top candidate with anotehr company.
  • First company rejects him most unceremoniously. Other company promises an offer, only to rescind it.
  • We spend a weekend watching three children (plus our own). It was an adventure to say the least.
  • Oh, and Thanksgiving.
  • People are generous and give us presents to give to Kate. 
  • General Christmas preparations
  • Went to Temple Square for the Christmas lights
  • Flew to Houston for Christmas.
  • I turned 28.

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